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We Do Not Charge For Music Distribution

Make 100% profit

Bigger Upload Limit

PRO users has bigger Upload. Submit more tracks! Normal users have a lower number of tracks limit.

How It Works

Upload your music ad a price or if its free download input (0) to make it free explore other usesĀ 

Sell Your Music

Selling your music just got easy, upload, sell make a profitĀ 

PRO Badge

PRO members have the extinguished PRO badge that make them stand out. This badge will appear after the user name.

Unlimited Playlists

Being a PRO users can create unlimited playlists either Public or Private. Normal users have a limit of 4 playlists.

All Users Are Free

All users can download/upload sell tracks, sound, art to the word. we do not charge for music distributions. when your reached your upload limit BECOME A PRO.


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